“First” Experience With Weed

Hello! This is my first post so I woud like to share with you something that happened very recently. You don’t know me well yet but after a while and a few more posts I’m pretty sure you will. Now, to the subject, I smoked weed 2 times until the day before yesterday. The first one was more than one year ago and I felt almost nothing, just got a little stupid, smiley and my extremities shaked, maybe because the weed was few to four people. The second one was less than a week ago, I tried again and this time literally nothing happened, so I got disappointed. My friend said it was probably because I didn’t know how to smoke properly. So, some days later, at one afternoon, he brought a bong and indeed it was easier to smoke (I’m not sure if that is smoking because you just suck the smoke from a bottle). So he, me and my boyfriend smoked two joints from the bottle. After a while I felt my hands and feet shaking, my vision got blurred, I got dizzy, started to laugh a lot and, finally, I started to trip. I saw a lot of shapes and colors, I looked at the things around me but it felt like they were not really there, it felt like a different world and I kinda glad I reached that universe. But then I wanted to go back but I couldn’t, I was a little more in reality now but not totally. I wanted to stop but it didn’t so I starded going from the room to the kitchen whispering “stop”, “stop”, “stop”. After a while I got more used to it, I ate something and went to bed. While I was there I remembered a lot of random stuff from my childhood and it felt good. I wasn’t trying to stop it anymore. Then I fell asleep and had a lot of dreams I don’t remember anymore. When I woke up I was almost sober, with a little headache. I was glad it was over, it was a crazy day. It worth mentioning that  my boyfriend sister’s showed up and found out what we were doing, but then she left (she’s nice). After our friend left, my boyfriend and I talked about what we felt (it was his “first” time too). Apparently, he had the same things I had: dizzy, colors, child memories and different perception of time (it passes really slow while you’re high), but I think he had more hallucinations than I did, like floating. He felt bad for a while two and we said to each other we’re not gonna try again, but I think we will. Overall, I think it was worthy because it was the kind of thing I always wanted to feel and reading is different of actually feeling. I’ll do it again in one week or two, I’ll try to smoke a little less. So, that’s it…share your experiences with marijuana and sorrry my broken English, I’ll try to improve it.